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Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire & Pirate Fest
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Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire & St. Louis Pirate Festival
The Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire is located in Wentzville, MO about 45 minutes west of St. Louis, Missouri.

Dates for this year are May 16-17, May 23-24-25, May 30-31, June 6-7, 2009.

At the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire, your family will:
* Travel back in time as you are swept into the atmosphere of our 20 acre, beautifully wooded, 16th century French village
* Thrill to the exploits of Jousting Knights on thundering steeds
* Roam the village shops for unique crafts and goods as our artisans demonstrate period skills
* Delight at the stage acts performing comedy, music and feats of derring do
* Feast on delicious food and drink while strolling minstrels entertain
* Interact with the colorful villagers, nobles, peasants and personalities of ages past

See you there!